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So maybe you knew … but if you didn’t … as soon as a whisky is bottled, great or small….. it stops ageing.. Yes you are correct – if a whisky has been in a barrel for 10 years … even though it has sat on your shelf for 10 more years since bottling … it is still only 10 years old! This is because the ageing process all happens in the barrel. So when you buy a bottle that’s it… Does that have to be it? We don’t think so! Why not buy a great whisky in …. your own barrel!! Yes! Your own barrel…. My Malt will be partnering with distilleries throughout Europe – decanting fantastic whisky from large barrels into 2 Litre and 5 Litre barrels, for you to drink straight from the barrel or leave to age and increase in intensity, flavour and body.